Our Firm - Brewster & Berkowitz Real Estate was started more than twenty-four years ago when its two principals, Sally Brewster and Ron Berkowitz, after having worked for many years at competing firms, joined to establish the firm.

Our Specialty - We cover all types of residential properties in Beacon Hill - Back Bay - Waterfront - MidTown - Charlestown - South End.  We offer Boston townhouses, condominiums, cooperatives, as well as rentals of houses and apartments.

Our Service - We pride ourselves in our strong work ethic, integrity, and dedication to our buyers and sellers.  We have a wonderful office and superb brokers in Betsy Barrett and Mary Dunlavey who have a loyal following of satisfied clients.

Track Record - We have kept happy many buyers and sellers who continue to refer us their friends and acquaintances.   The firm has excellent listings and we make a special effort to pick up our customers at their work or home for our appointments and bring them back after having viewed properties.

Recognition - We have been recognized locally in the BostonTAB and nationally in The New York Times and in Town and Country magazine.  We are a member of the real estate broker networks LINK and MLS.


Sally Brewster

Email: sallytbrewster@gmail.com

Phone: (617) 869-3443

Ron Berkowitz

Email: otcjb@aol.com

Phone: (617) 797-6171

Betsey Barrett

Email: ehbarrett3@verizon.net

Phone: (617) 429-1410

Mary Dunlavey

Email: marydunlavey@comcast.net

Phone: (781) 956-0372