As I wrote the date on this on this note, I couldn’t help but think back to our stated goal, which was to be settled in a new place by the time Keith started back at BU. Thanks to you, we’ve done it. You remained so confident, so encouraging, and so relaxed that Keith and I followed you gladly, figuring you knew more than we did! And, of course, your experience proved you right. After letting us kiss a lot of frogs, you guided us to a prince of a building and space we really love. Keith and I are infatuated with the South End. We hope to live there happily ever after.

But the greatest gift of the past six months is not our home, but the time we have spent with you. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who is completely him or herself as you are, Sally. There is not an ounce of pretense about you. You take others as they come, appreciating all the positive things and not judging the rest. you are kind, funny, smart, and wholly unassuming. You are comfortable with who you are and where you are in this world, and that confidence radiates peace and acceptance to all who come in contact with you. No wonder you are so loved wherever you go.

It has been a joy and privilege to be in your orbit for six months. You are a person of real integrity in every sense of the word.
— Liz and Keith
Extensive local knowledge and experience. Very honest and easy to work with. Seems to find the rare and unique home that is difficult to find. Will not oversell a property but supplies honest pros and cons. Understands the history of Beacon Hill RE through both its better and weaker years. Local resident, She is part of the community.
— D Watson
Sally, Thank you SO MUCH for everything you did in the purchase of our place. It was such a pleasure working with you, and I couldn’t be happier there. I love the apartment and the neighborhood! Look forward to staying in touch. Thank you again!
— Gary
Thank you SO much for finding us the perfect apartment, but also for everything else you did. Most of all, you made it fun! We loved getting to see you, and hope to do so often, now that we’ll be in town so much more.

Your initiative skills, humor, and charm made our house-hunting a joy, and we look forward to more, non-real estate, encounters!
— Elenita
I wanted to thank you for such a pleasant transaction. You were such a pleasure to work with and I sincerely appreciate you allowing us to remain the only offer in the estate sale. We couldn’t be more thrilled, and as his friend and broker, I am so glad that it all worked out as it did.

I look forward to the next transaction we can do together!
— Samantha